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$20,000 + 4%
$10,000 + 5%
$4,000 + 8%
$1,000 + 10%
$200 + 12%

Sydney Pawn Shop With A Difference

Welcome to the Sydney Pawn Shop! We are conveniently located in the heart of the Sydney central business district. Not all Sydney pawn shops are entirely honest with their customers, and unlike others, we strive to be completely transparent with all our rates and charges, as well as offering the best price possible for your valuable items. If you need some instant cash and are looking to pawn and get yourself the best deal possible, look no further. If you have gold, or silver jewellery, watches, diamonds or diamond engagament rings, come see one of our expert Sydney pawn and diamond brokers. You can trust and make sure that you get the most money for your valuables. If you want any more information on our services, call us today on 1800 899 780, and one of our helpful representatives will be happy to assist you.

We Pawn Gold at
9ct $28.70 per gram
14ct $44.77 per gram
18ct $57.39 per gram
22ct $70.10 per gram
24ct $76.52 per gram
We Buy Gold Up To
9ct $31.89 per gram
14ct $49.74 per gram
18ct $63.77 per gram
22ct $77.89 per gram
24ct $85.02 per gram
Prices Updated: Thursday, 21 Sep 2023.
Come to our secure/private office
1. Come to Our Secure Office.
It\’s that simple
2. Bring your valuable item(s)
Get CASH or pay CASH for Bitcoin
3. Receive cash.

What Our Pawn Shop Lends On

At Sydney Pawn Shop we will lend money on a variety of different items, and we always offer you the best price, and lowest interest rates in Sydney. Our pawn brokers will accept gold jewellery, gold coins, gold and silver bullion, diamonds, wedding and engagement rings, scrap gold, as well as luxury watches. You will not find another pawn shop in Sydney that will offer you the same great rates as us, or that is as transparent with how their business works. None can compare to the level of service that we offer and our prices. For more information on what our we will lend money on, please click here.

Terms of use and guidelines
Minimum term of Loan
3 Month with option to extend upto a maximum of 10 years
Maximum terms of use
10 years. Simply pay the due interest to keep on extending the loan to a maximum of 10 years.
Maximum Annual Percentage Rate
$200 - $999 = 144% per annum $1000 - $3,999 = 120% per annum $4000 - $9,999 = 96% per annum $10,000 - $19,999 = 60% per annum $20,000 and above = 48% per annum
Example of loans
If you borrow $200 (principal), after 3 month you need to pay $200 (principal) + $72 (interest) = $272
Payment requirements time frames
There is no requirement to pay your loan back within the first 90 days of issue. However if you fail to pay the interests that are due, you risk the items being disposed. Please be up to date with your interest.

Our Difference: We Show You Our Rates

$20,000 + 4%
$10,000 + 5%
$4,000 + 8%
$1,000 + 10%
$200 + 12%
We are different.

How Our Pawn Shop Works

Using the services of Sydney Pawn Shop is simple and straightforward. First thing that you need to do is visit our secure store and bring along your valuables. We will then appraise the items that you have to pawn and make you an offer. If you have suitable identification with you, and if you accept our offer, we will give you instant cash. It is that simple! You will receive a message every month, and you can either pay back the loan in full or extend it for as long as you wish by paying the monthly fees. As all items are securely stored in a vault for security, when you are ready to pay back your loan, call us 24 hours before, and you can then collect your items and pay back your loan. For more information on how our services work, please click here.

The Trusted Pawn Brokers in Sydney CBD & Surrounding Areas

You can look for a Sydney pawn shop online using a search engine and return a lot of results. However, rather than searching for pawn shops near me, it is much easier to visit our centrally located offices on Pitt street, and save yourself time and effort by visiting the pawnbrokers that guarantees the best rates and service. We value your items based on the quality of the gold and quality of diamonds. There really is no need to shop around as we offer the best prices of all pawn shops, Sydney CBD located, and the surrounding areas. For more information on the rates that we offer, please click here.

Contact Sydney Pawn Shop Today

For the very best loan rates in Sydney, there is no better place to go than Sydney Pawn Shop. We pride ourselves in offering the best rates, as well as the best customer service to all our clients. You can come to visit our secure offices which are at Suite 906/84 Pitt St., Sydney, 2000 in the heart of the central business district, or give us a call for more information on Tel: 1800 899 780. Alternatively, you can also email directly at [email protected], and one of our helpful and friendly members of staff will be happy to assist you with your enquiry. For the best rates and the best level of service available, visit Sydney Pawn Shop today and get that much-needed cash in your pocket today. We are a registered second hand dealer in NSW.

Identification Requirement

In order to do a loan YOU NEED ONE of the following identifications:

  - Passport, or

  - Drivers Licence, or

  - A document issued by a statutory authority bearing a photograph eg. Firearms Licence, or

  - Tertiary Education ID(photo)

Or two of the following identifications:

  - Full Birth Certificate or Extracts of Birth Certificate

  - Certificate of Australian Citizenship

  - Marriage Certificate

  - Cards issued by the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Affairs eg. Pension Concession Card