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Pawn Your Diamond Ring For An Affordable Pawn Broker Rate | Sydney Pawn Shop

Want to get a loan on a diamond ring? At Sydney Pawn Shop, we’re here to help. Our pawn shop is the best place to sell diamond rings and get a loan. With reasonable rates, friendly service and secure storage for your valuables, we make it easy to get the emergency cash you need to cover unexpected expenses.

Read on to learn more about why you should sell old diamond rings to Sydney Pawn Shop instead of any other pawn broker in the area!

How Do I Pawn My Diamond Ring For Cash? Understanding The Process

At Sydney Pawn Shop, we want to make it easy to buy and sell diamond rings in Sydney. You can get a loan in 3 simple steps.

  1. Visit our office in Sydney- Just stop by our office at Suite 906/84 Pitt Street Sydney, NSW. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of the city, and easily accessible by train, bus or car!
  2. Get a cash appraisal-You never have to worry about a low offer if you want to sell diamond rings at Sydney Pawn Shop. We use qualified experts in the field of jewelleryevaluation, and will always give you a fair and accurate quote for your diamond rings or other jewellery.
  3. Sell diamond rings for cash & accept your loan -If you like your offer, just accept your loan and get your cash. Typically, our loans last 3 months. We’ll hold onto your ring until you repay your loan. You can pay early to save on interest, or even extend your loan by paying the interest you owe on the loan. It’s up to you!
Sell or Pawn Designer Bags & Purses | Sydney Pawn Shop

That’s all there is to it – and once you repay your loan and all of its interest in full, we’ll return your diamond ring back to you.

The Benefits Of Choosing Sydney Pawn Shop For Diamond Ring Pawn Services

Still not sure why you should choose our pawn shop instead of a competitor? Here are a few unique advantages of working with Sydney Pawn Shop.

  • Great customer service – We treat all of our customers with respect, and we are always here to answer your questions, help you get the cash you need, and discuss options if you can’t make your monthly payment.
  • Low, transparent rates – Our competitors may charge up to 35% per month for a pawn loan. However, our rates vary from 2-10% per month, based on the value of your loan, and we’re always transparent about the cost of your loan – see our full rate breakdown here.
  • Secure, safe storage- Your items are safe with us in our secure facility. In addition, all items worth more than $1,000 are transported to an off-site bank vault for additional protection.

Don’t wait. Visit our shop now to see why we’re the best choice if you want to pawn a diamond ring in Sydney.

Visit Sydney Pawn Shop Now – Get An Offer On Your Diamond Ring Or Jewellery

Whether you want to pawn a diamond ring, necklace, or any other gold jewellery, Sydney Pawn Shop is here to help. Visit our office now at Suite 906/84 Pitt Street Sydney, NSW to get started. Got questions? Give us a ring at 1800 899 780, or contact us online.

Loan rate per month

$20,000 + 4%
$10,000 + 5%
$4,000 + 8%
$1,000 + 10%
$200 + 12%
  • Cash on the spot

  • Highest prices paid

  • We lend to everyone

  • No appointments required

  • Sell or Loan against gold jewelry