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Pawn Shops: Sell Your Item or Get a Loan?

Using a local pawn shop is a quick, no-hassle way to get the cash you need. Are you going overseas, but need to secure valuable personal items like musical instruments or motorcycles? A pawn shop can hold the items for you in a secure place while you fatten your bank account and take care of business. When you have a potential item to pawn, you have some options at your disposal. You can either sell your items outright or get a short term pawn loan to cover your short-term needs. Either, you get cash on the spot.

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How do Pawn Shops Determine an Item’s Worth

Thousands of people use the services of local pawnbrokers to help them cover emergency expenses, keep valuable items safe, and get much-needed cash on the spot. Pawn shops pay customers immediately for a quick cash infusion, and they aren’t invasive like most banks with their income and credit checks. Pawn shops specialise in short-term loans that have favorable repayment terms and interest rates that are much lower than the average credit card of payday loan agency.

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Do Pawn Shops Keep a Record of Personal Information?

If you’re interested in pawning or selling your old and unused items, you might be wondering if the local pawn shops keep a record of your personal information. The fact is, local pawn shops will keep your information on file for a period of time, and here at Sydney Pawn Shops, we’re quite familiar with all the reasons why. It’s not to be intrusive, but to help local police departments and prevent criminals from profiting off stolen goods.

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Should I Buy Jewelry from a Pawn Shop?

On the hunt for the perfect piece of jewelry? You might think it's a good idea to look at an actual jewelry store. But jewelry stores can mark up their products as much as 100% when they sell jewelry. When it comes to finding a unique and affordable piece of jewelry, it pays to think outside the box. Sydney Pawn Shops offer a wide range of fine jewelry pieces, from diamond engagement rings to rubies, and set in real precious metals that have been tested and evaluated. Here's what you should know about buying jewelry from a pawn shop.

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